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Prototype History

The Kingsbridge branch was a single track branch line railway in Devon, England. The branch opened in 1893 and closed in 1963. It left the Exeter to Plymouth line at South Brent and ran 12 miles (19 km), following the route of the River Avon, to Kingsbridge.
In 1864, when the proposals for the line were being prepared, it was proposed that the branch would be built from South Brent to Ibberton Head at Salcombe via Kingsbridge, however, like many new railways of the time, construction was limited by funding and it wasn't until the GWR took over the scheme in October 1885 that the branch was actually built as far as Kingsbridge.
The proposed section from Kingsbridge to Salcombe was never constructed, although a view of Google Satellite does give some indication of the route the line could have taken on departure from Kingsbridge.

The layout which is the subject of this article is a fictitious 'might have been' model of Salcombe, had the line been constructed and consequently, has many similarities to Kingsbridge.

Model Requirements

Before starting any construction, a set of requirements/criteria for the layout were defined:

  • Set the story line and reason for the layout - the layout will be a 'what might have been' model of Salcombe, with many similarities to Kingsbridge
  • Based on BR(WR) steam in the early 1960's period
  • Must fit into 9.2M as an end-to-end layout
  • Must have a single-road engine shed with ash pit, watering and coaling facilities - ideal scenic cameo
  • Operationally interesting goods service - needs a few sidings to facilitate a busy goods service (eg like Kingsbridge)
  • Goods service to consist of coal (for locos and local coal merchant), general merchandise in open wagons and vans and some cattle - needs a cattle dock
  • Passenger trains to be up to 4 coaches (weekend portion of Paddington service) plus a loco
  • Fiddle yard to accomodate same
  • Main platform to support 4 coach trains, bay to support 2 coaches (B-Set) plus loco
  • DCC control of trains
  • Must be protypically signalled and interlocked
  • DCC control of signals and turnouts with computer controlled interlocking
  • Track to be Peco Bullhead, but turnouts will be modified to remove the obtrusive 'box' over the tie-bar
  • Transportable to exhibitions

Initial Track Plan

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